At Dallas Chiropractic we treat patients by using the holistic approach to achieve optimal health.  This encompasses working with the body through spinal adjustments to lessen nerve interference in addition to therapies. A list of therapies we offer include:

Weight management programs for everyone! Doctor supervised and specifically designed for you and your needs.  NO HCG

Detoxification with the ionic footbath (EB PRO model by Erchonia) and/or nutritional program.

Allergy treatment with the BAX 3000. Google this for more information.  Amazing results!

Massage therapy—specialists in deep tissue, Swedish relaxation massage, muscular therapeutic massage, and much more.

Holistic nutrition therapy—having the proper amount of vitamins and minerals in your body is essential to your overall health. Dr Moyher has a wide range of nutritional supplements available and can quickly use reflexology to test and see which ones your body may need.

SMT—Self Mastery Technique to include the use of Zen Frames.  The combination of both technologies combined will transform the bad habits and allow your body to change and heal itself of several kinds of health issues not limited to: WEIGHT LOSS, STOP SMOKING PROGRAMS, & MEMORY FUNCTION.

Plus percussor, thumper, cold lasers, TENS unit muscle stim and traction/roller table!