Our featured patient this month is Mary Reynolds. She came to us complaining of disabling pain in the lumbar area and left hip. This pain had gradually been getting worse over the past few months until it was affecting her life greatly. She had to be careful of every step she took and it was very painful. Going up and down steps was difficult as well. After a few visits she reports that her pain is gone. Also, she went as far as to say that she is now anxious to face each day, especially for someone who is 84 years old. When asked if she would recommend our services, the answer was simple, “absolutely.” For those who are elderly, or may care for someone that is, please know that chiropractic can be instrumental in their ability to perform daily activities. For Mary Reynolds, as well as many of our patients, the chiropractic care they receive makes a significant difference in their lives every day.

Donna Kopp and her husband Mel are both patients of Dr. Moyhers’ and after such successful treatments we’ve asked Donna to share her experience with others.

I have been under chiropractic care for many years and have been treated by the worst and treated by the best.  I honestly feel that Dr. Moyher is one of the best and certainly one of the most knowledgeable about the natural processes of the body.  Both my husband and I have benefited greatly from her knowledge and use of different chiropractic techniques. I came to Dr. Moyher with pain in my neck, shoulder, arm as well as hip. I tried several other chiropractors, but found no relief.  By the time I discovered Dr. Moyher, my neck/shoulder area was so irritated, I was very reluctant to let anyone touch it, let alone manipulate it. I explained my fears to Dr. Moyher and she patiently and respectfully listened to my concerns and customized my treatment accordingly.  For those who are fearful of anyone “cracking bones”, Dr. Moyher offers a treatment that gently nudges the bone into the proper position. What a relief this proved to be! I have been under treatment with Dr. Moyher since January, 2007 and have seen marked improvement.  Without any hesitation I would recommend chiropractic care, but, in particular, Dr. Moyher’s chiropractic care. For those who are concerned about committing to a certain number of treatments – often several in one week- there is no need for concern.  Dr. Moyher does not ask patients to commit to a contract of visits. Her usual parting words are “see you in about a week or whenever you feel the need to come in. Just listen to your body.” Now that is a doctor who is interested in her patients and not her purse!


My name is Debra Scarberry and I became a patient of Dr. Moyher’s August 2007. I had been having problems with my right ear, such as ringing, buzzing and numbness. These problems had been occurring for at least four to six months before my first visit with Dr. Moyher.  I have been to an Internal medicine doctor, an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor.  I even had an MRI.  I had no relief. Then I went to see Dr. Moyher and my ear cleared up completely.  I have not had any additional problems since my chiropractic treatments. (I wish you could see the smiley face the patient drew next to this as she wrote it. Better yet, wish you could see the bright smile on her face when she felt better compared to when she came in with such pain.) My husband is now a patient of Dr. Moyher’s and we have had good results through chiropractic.  I would recommend her services to my friends and co-workers.
I just want to share with you the great success I have had with Dr. Moyher’s adjustments and therapies.  I feel this is a testimony because this pain had not been helped at all by three other chiropractors that I had seen in the past 10 years.  The pain had been persistent and aggravating for a long time.  The pain was around the left shoulder blade or scapula and mid back area.  It didn’t seem to matter what I did or tried, it would not go away.  I tried stretching and strengthening the muscles.  I also tried getting massages which did provide temporary relief.  Sometimes it was worse than other times, and I could never figure out what I had done to make it worse.  It was causing me to be less patient with my kids, and it was wearing me down.

I moved to the area and started seeing Dr. Moyher about 3 months ago. Honestly after my first few visits that particular pain didn’t lessen, however, Dr. Moyher found that there was a connection between my pancreas and the area in my back that was causing me such trouble.  I finally now know what the cause is, and why all the other things I had tried did not work.  Dr. Moyher started doing the reflex work for my pancreas.  I know that we may not understand the reflex work or tapping down the back “stuff” but I believe this was an important part of my healing.  I became more aware of how I could eat smarter or different.   I changed my diet so that it would not stress my pancreas.  She also used the Cranial Release Technique or CRT on me.  I have learned that this technique can help such a wide range of conditions because it restores the proper function and balance to the whole nervous system.

Three months later, I can say that I feel like a new woman and I am so grateful for Dr. Moyher’s knowledge.  I most definitely would recommend Dallas Chiropractic to my friends and family.  I do bring my children in to see her, and she has helped me to improve their overall health.  She is treating my daughter for scoliosis, so I hope that will be a testimony I can give in the future.  Thank you Dallas Chiropractic.

Sue Green called one day and scheduled an appointment with us.  She explained that she had fallen while riding her bicycle.  When she fell, she hit her head on the cement walk and heard a loud crack. After the fall, Sue suffered with extreme pain in her head, neck and some through her shoulders.  She had very little movement in her neck, ongoing headaches and was in constant pain.  It was hard to function.  Even getting out of bed was a painful struggle. She, literally, could barely lift her head off the pillow.  “I have been to doctors, taken pain medications and also had physical therapy.  There was very little change with the physical therapy.  It’s been a long haul, but I can move my neck now.  I have no headaches and my sleep is restored.  I feel better over-all since beginning my adjustments.” Sue started her chiropractic care with us in the early 1990’s.  She has had such good response to her care that she had her husband, Jim start coming for visits also.  They both receive continued chiropractic care on a regular schedule.  She calls this their “monthly maintenance adjustments”.  They have also recommended chiropractic care to several of their friends, relatives and neighbors due to their positive health results.

Michael Bowden came to see us in May with severe lower back pain.  The pain traveled to his ribs and chest area; continuing to interrupt his sleep.  We’ve asked Michael to share his testimonial with our patients.
I have heard many stories from my Grandmother and Mother about the benefits of continued chiropractic care.  Recently, I decided to see Dr. Moyher and give chiropractic an opportunity to improve my life.
I have had continuous back pain for three to four years.  I work from home and most of my time is spent in an office chair at the computer.  I have tried exercising, stretching techniques, over the counter and narcotic medications, and herbal supplements. After my first office visit I had complete relief of my pain.  I sleep continuously through the night now without the pain frequently waking me.  I have more energy which is a big benefit for me and my family since I have an 8 month old son to help keep up with. I recommend chiropractic to everyone, everyday.  It is a complete relief to sleep peacefully through the night and not have to rely on the many medications I was using just to make it through a day.

Our featured patient this month is Tiffany Michael.  She came to our office after being in an automobile accident.  Tiffany was suffering with neck, low back, knee and lower leg pain.  She also had been suffering with acid reflux since she was 18 years old.  She was taking Zantac several times a day and had tried Prilosec, Maalox and Tums, with no complete relief.  As a result of Dr. Moyher’s care, her neck, back and lower extremity are feeling much better.  Dr. Moyher suggested that she try Total Enzymes for her acid reflux.  She take it 3 times a day when shestarts to eat meals. She has noticed a big change.  Not only has Dr Moyher helped with her pain as a result of her accident, but she has gotten the relief she has needed for years from her acid reflux.  She only feels it about one or two times a day and it will go away on its own.  Her acid reflux has been almost non-existent.  She is so thankful for this relief.

After pain pills, ibuprophen, therapy on her leg, heating pads and ice packs, etc., Charlotte Hunter came to us one day in February of 2007 with her back hurting from a new exercise machine.  Charlotte said, “I have never had back pain before, so this was excruciating.  My back ached just standing, also when walking, my upper buttocks area felt numbed”. Then, while being treated for her back injury, she informed me that she has had continued problems with her ankle for two years and nerve damage down her leg for fifteen years.   Her back symptoms were almost eliminated and her ankle was 100 % better, just with one visit.  Charlotte has also noticed improvement with her posture and is able to walk now without discomfort to her ankle.  She no longer relies on medication for comfort and easement of pain. When asked, has your family had good results through chiropractic?  She answered, “Yes!!!!  My husband has always suffered with back pain and I can see what chiropractic has done for him.” Charlotte also recommends us to everyone she possibly can. In closing, Charlotte extends her appreciation for our continued care and concerns.  She says, “you’re all great, thank you all”.

Jaqui Stanley came to see us in June of 2007 with an aching back she sustained from yard work.  Finally after a week, the pain was more than she could handle.  She tried a multitude of pain relievers, including aspirin and heat.  Both of which wouldn’t relieve her pain.  Finally a neighbor, Joan Ratteree, suggested she make an appointment with Dr. Moyher. Just one visit and Jaqui received immediate relief from the pain.  Not only did Dr. Moyher relieve the stress on her spine she also reported that there had been a change of a life-long condition.  Jaqui said “I have been pigeon-toed all my life, but now my feet are straight”! Due to her immediate improvement with her back, she encouraged her friend Tedd, who has ankle problems and low back pain to come visit Dr. Moyher.  Now they both receive adjustments on a regular basis.  Tedd has found relief from some of his conditions as well. When asked if they would recommend our services to their friends, family and co-workers they both answered yes. As a reminder to all of our patients, if you have had a positive experience with chiropractic and would like to share your information we would love to hear from you.

Sydney Clark has had chiropractic care since her birth. Sydney had strep throat multiple times beginning in the third grade and continuing thru the fourth grade.  For two years she experienced this problem, off and on.  During this time she was on antibiotics frequently and continued having chiropractic adjustments.  She seemed to only get temporary relief but her strep throat continued to recur.  Dr. Moyher recommended trying reflex testing in addition to her regular adjustments. Reflex testing is also called BRT or Body Restoration Technique.  BRT is a non-invasive method of locating and removing energy blockages.  BRT uses the body reflex points, similar to acupuncture points.  BRT does not diagnose or treat disease.  It looks at symptoms ONLY to understand WHY the body is responding inappropriately.  Body point reflexes are similar in that they can be triggered or stimulated to send information to the part of the body OR if that part of the body has an energy block, it can send information to the superficial body reflex point. Using this simple, painless procedure brings energy to the affected area and improves the body’s response. Sydney did not have one instance of strep throat during her 5th grade school year.  The BRT combined with her regular adjustments has improved her health tremendously. Sydney, along with her family, continues to receive regular adjustments. When asked if they have had good results through chiropractic or if they recommend chiropractic to their friends and others, their answer is a definite YES.  They have referred many friends and family to our practice.

My name is David Howard and I’m a new patient of Dr. Moyher’s. Approximately one week prior to my first office visit I had been experiencing extreme pain in my right leg and hip. I did go to my medial doctor and was prescribed pain medication and a muscle relaxant. My wife Beverly has been a patient of Dr. Moyher’s since 1998. When she realized I was not getting any relief she suggested I visit Dr. Moyher. September 10, 2007, was my first chiropractic visit with Dr. Moyher. I had told the staff that Beverly and I had gone to the mall the day before and I literally had to stop and lean against the wall the pain was so excruciating. Dr. Moyher examined me and made the necessary adjustments. I had instant relief from that terrible pain. I still had some soreness, but the intense pain was relieved. Since beginning my adjustments I have had been able to go back to work and walk greater distances without pain. I can honestly say that my family has had good results through chiropractic. I’ve been so impressed with the amount of relief that I have been referring my friends and co-workers to Dr. Moyher in hopes they too can benefit from chiropractic care.


In this office we have the pleasure of treating patients with many ailments young and old.  There is nothing that makes us happier than to see miracles take place large and small.  Many look at chiropractic as a treatment for back or neck pain.  Little do they know!  Chiropractic can be a miracle in itself for many.  The family we want to tell you about this week is extremely grateful for what Dallas Chiropractic and Dr. Moyher has done for their son Tanner.  The family was approached by their neighbor (Dr. Moyher’s assistant) about giving chiropractic a try.  Although they were very skeptical they were willing to take her advice.  There have been many documented cases where chiropractic adjustments helped to reduce nerve irritation which helps with symptoms of Autism. Tanner was six years old when he started coming to see Dr. Moyher in September of 2010.   He had been diagnosed with a mild case of autism a few years ago.  Although Tanner seemed to be very intelligent, there was no communication.  For example, Tanner would not answer when spoken to nor did he respond to any questions.   His parents were eager to tap into the silence and see what was there.  His attention span was very limited and he was still wetting the bed at six.   It was extremely frustrating not to be able to communicate with him to teach him anything different.  After a couple of visits, Dr. Moyher decided to have Tanner treated with the BAX 3000 allergy unit along with the spinal adjustments.   Although the unit had been invented for allergy sufferers, Autism is one of the many other conditions that the BAX 3000 has shown amazing results.  Tanner has now finished the protocol with the BAX 3000 and comes to Dr. Moyher one time per month to make sure he is aligned so that his body can function properly.  We are so very happy to report that Tanner no longer wets the bed, his attention span has increased greatly, he is now able to answer when asked a question, and the most surprising of all is that he is talking in full sentences.  Imagine his parents surprise when he came in from school one day and they just naturally said “how was school”, not expecting a reply and Tanner answered, “good, I played on computer”.  They were so happy and surprised hearing and seeing the difference in their son.  School for Tanner this year is amazing, he is finally able to really go to school and learn.   His mom says that it is so cool watching Tanner get off the bus and say “bye” to the bus driver each day and come in and tell his brother “I love you”.



“NO MORE CRAMPS!” Wanda Pate praises about our BAX allergy treatment after just a few treatments! She was unable to consume any dairy product without getting stomach cramps. Wanda is now able to consume dairy when she would like to without the worry of feeling bad afterwards!